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The online store should take into account during registering process is a product search site that we have been working on for some time. Your engagement is very important to improve and make this site more user-friendly.

As one of the first customers we kindly ask you to provide us with an honest feedback and invite you to become a part of the new site development process. Over the next few months the site will be complemented with other features and also the existing features will be improved.

The main rules to follow:

  • The data filled in the registration form must be real;
  • Only one store can be registered under one domain ;
  • An XML file should be created as shown in the sample HERE;
  • The XML file cannot contain the same product multiple times;
  • The goods must have appropriate images;
  • The goods can be purchased in the online store and received in Latvia;
  • The banner is placed on the registered web store's website ( preferably on the main page or in the footer of the page), banners are available HERE;
  • It is strictly prohibited to create fake profiles to leave good feedbacks and ratings for your online store, or to add bad feedbacks and ratings for competitor's online stores;
  • In case of unfair actions detected - an online store can receive a warning or may get blocked.

Thank you in advance for your time and feedbacks.